We wanted a positive birthing experience...and that's exactly what we got!

Why Hypnobirthing?

We decided to try hypnobirthing because we wanted to have a positive birthing experience and that is exactly what we got.

When I first started the classes I was terrified of labour, it was this huge unknown, scary and apparently the most painful thing ever. I was very busy when we did the classes; I run a business so having set time to relax and practice techniques was vital for my husband and me. But as the classes went on the fear of labour vanished.

People would ask me if I was getting more nervous and in all honesty, the nerves had gone. I believed that my body and baby would know what to do. Jess was not only great at teaching the techniques she was also very helpful with any questions I had.

Jess even spoke to me the day I gave birth and predicted I would give birth at 11pm that day……I gave birth at 10:57pm………she knows her stuff ha!

Our birth story:

Before we went on the hypnobirthing programme we did not know what kind of labour we wanted; home, water, dry….because we didn't want to make plans and be disappointed. The programme helped us focus on the birth we wanted and it turned out perfect for us:

Saturday 4am- No pain- Water leak, went into maternity unity where it was confirmed my waters had gone and I was 2cm dilate

Saturday 6am- very little pain, a bit like period pain- Went home to bed Saturday 1pm- slight discomfort

Contractions started so I decided to paint my nails in gel and track the contractions with an app

Saturday 5pm- Slight discomfort- called Jess

Contractions were 5 mins apart by 7pm and more intense like a strong period sensation- went into the maternity ward, they thought that I would be hours and hours. They would not check to see how far I was because it wouldn't change their decision to send me home

Saturday 8pm- Very intense but manageable, unable to sit down when contracting- was still on the maternity ward, they said they would send me home at 9pm. This is the one and only time I started to panic. They refused to check how dilated I was and the prospect of going home was scary.

I could walk but sitting in the car was daunting. They said I could stay on the ward but my husband would have to leave at 9pm. I knew my body and over the next hour I kept buzzing the midwife and repeating over and over that I was in more than early labour. I believe that because it was my first child and because I was clam they had difficulty believing me.Then my full waters bust everywhere!!! My body knew exactly what to do and I was so proud.

Saturday 9pm- Very intense pain but manageable, unable to sit down when contracting- finally moved onto labour ward.

Saturday 9.20pm- Pain went when urge to push starts and we were finally taken into the pool room. I was asked to go for a wee and for the first time since being pregnant...I couldn't!! The midwife made me some toast because I felt really hungry then all of a sudden I said 'I feel very pusshy'.

I was 10cm.

The pool was stilling filling up and I had to get in, it was definitely time to push (I say push, I didn't do anything). The water was amazing pain relief and I used gas and air. I used the breathing techniques that Jess had taught me and in 12 short minutes our beautiful baby girl Amelia was born. I can honestly say in this part of the labour I did not feel pain, just surges that pushed the baby out.

Amelia was born at 10:57pm, to me time went extremely quickly. Going into the labour ward to the birth of Amelia felt like just minutes and in my head I was like 'boom that's how you birth a baby'! Saturday sometime after 10:57pm- I was checked over for tears, I was convinced I had not torn because I had no pain but unfortunately I had a 3rd degree tear.

Now many women cross their legs at this stage of my story but I did not feel any pain. I had to go into surgery. This is when the hypnobirthing also helped. I was able to remain focused and calm as I was taken into surgery and I think without doing the programme I would have found this extremely stressful.

The classes helped me manage my emotions, helped me be confident with my own body and made the situations less scary. Some would say my birth story is not perfect but it was the right birth for us on the day. The pain was always manageable and I used the techniques well. We now have a beautiful baby girl and I can honestly say I have been though worse things than childbirth

A positive emergency


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Friday, 18 October 2019
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