A positive emergency

 Evening all, one of my clients messaged me the other day to share the joyful news that she had given birth to her gorgeous baby girl. 

Sylvie is a doctor and had heard many horror stories about birth from her medical colleagues, which sadly I see a lot. However, she knew there was another way to approach her birth and so attended my course with her husband Rob to reduce anxiety and quieten their fears. During the course they focused on techniques that really worked for them as a couple, such as anchoring a positive feeling to a partner's touch and they both enjoyed the relaxation scripts. Sylvie felt safest birthing in a hospital and for medical reasons had an elective Caesarean section, supported by her lovely husband. 

During her birth, Sylvie lost a substantial amount of blood. ''There was a bit of drama!'' she tells me, '' but I used my breathing and relaxation techniques whilst I was being prepared for the spinal, during the procedure and also afterwards during the bleed''. 

She goes on to say...

''Thank you, as the techniques certainly helped us through and made the whole experience far better than it might otherwise have been...and Rob was encouraging and very supportive throughout''

I'm made up for this lovely family. It was absolutely the right birth on the day and just by using her relaxation techniques, Sylvie was able to breathe her way through a tricky situation. 

One of my favourite parts of my course is guiding clients through their breathing techniques. It's such an individual practice and I notice how everyone approaches it differently and returns to the room with a changed energy. Breathing is absolutely the antidote to fear- because while we are focusing on our breath, we cannot be fearful of what is to come and we send messages to calm our bodies, which in turn reduces adrenaline and stress hormones. Aren't our bodies just awesome! 

Congratulations to Sylvie & Rob 

We wanted a positive birthing experience...and tha...
An amazing experience!


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Friday, 18 October 2019
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