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Hypnobirth coach and midwife

My love affair with all things birth started as a little girl in South Africa where I was born and bred. It was the 80s, my parents were part of the anti-apartheid movement and our lovely nanny lived on site in the cottage at the bottom of the garden (it was a time of great juxtaposition!). Her traditional cooking was sooooo good and on occasion I would trundle down for dinner at her place, where she told me tales of how her mamma helped the women in their town to give birth and the joy and challenges this brought.

Jessica Allason from Just Be Birthing Support in Carlisle, Cumbria

As my own wonderful granny was a nurse and midwife in one of the largest hospitals in Kwazulu Natal, I started quizzing her about hospital births and would sit crossed legged in her lounge, slurping pop through a straw and drinking it all in.

We moved to the UK in the late 90s and after a career as a stage manager in the West End I decided to swap one drama for another and re-train as a midwife, which I have been practicing for several years.

Experience has confirmed my belief that birth is a normal, natural event and that each woman is capable of birthing her baby in a calm and relaxed state, whatever path her birth takes. The key to this is choice, positivity and support. I’m super lucky as my work allows me to support women to become the best mothers they can be, by offering guidance toward making birth choices that are safe, realistic and feel right for them as an individual.

Birth-partners play a vital role in this programme and even the most sceptical and unsure dads can become the protectors of the birth environment and move forward feeling excited and calm.

Women who use The Wise Hippo programme often have shorter, more comfortable labours (It’s true!!) and the techniques can be used in conjunction with all birth choices, including pain relief and even if nature needs a helping hand. I have heard women talk about their emergency caesarean after a long labour as the most wonderful birth experience. Because it is not what happens, but how a woman feels about her birth that makes it a positive experience.

Having witnessed first-hand the power of hypnobirthing, I promise that you can become a relaxation expert and master of your own destiny, ensuring a calm and confident birth for you and your baby.

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